Increase awareness and minimize exposure with Cywareness

Our unique automated cybercrime simulator will help increase your organizational cyber security awareness level and decrease exposure to cybercrime attacks.


Our clients and partners

Gain Cyber Awareness Insights

Using our dashboard, you will be able to gain insights and track progress of your organization’s cyber security awareness level as well as manage user reports

Admin Dashboard

Rich in Features

Each feature was developed to provide maximum visibility to your organizational awareness as well as manage employee suspicious phishing reports


Respond to Employee Phishing Reports

We provide Outlook and Gmail extensions to allow your employees to report any suspicious emails. As an administrator you can manage these reports easily from our response console.

Simulated Training Feedback

After exposing the employees to real world simulated phishing attacks, Cywareness will send the employees a detailed feedback training bit to understand how to avoid future similar attacks. 


Minimize Your Organizational Risk Now

Cyber Security Awareness

Autonomous Simulator

Our autonomous simulator exposes your organization’s employees to simulated phishing attacks with over 100 templates supporting over 10 languages.

Localization and Personalization

Picking the right language, scheduling according to timezone, these are only some of the struggles when creating a simulated phishing campaign. No more. Our simulator does this automatically.

Reporting Plugins

Our customized G-Suite and O365 reporting allow your organization’s security team to manage and detect new real phishing campaigns all in one place.


After a simulated campaign is completed, the employee will receive a breakdown of the simulated attack and where they can improve so they can learn to protect themselves in the future.

Meet our Team

Senior Advisor

Ori Attar
il Former Co-Founder Parkam

Co-Founder & CTO

Avi Wolicki
🇮🇱 Former Team Leader in Israeli Intel Special Ops

Strategic Advisor

Hagai Itkin
🇮🇱 Former Director of Technology in Israel's PMO

Co-Founder & VP of Product

PJ Mymon

Engineering TEam Lead

Yinnon Hadad

Software Developer

David Polevoy

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