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Empower your employees with our automated cyber awareness training program builder
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One complete awareness training solution
Training Program Builder
Phishing Simulator
Video Library
Quiz Library
Game Library

Phishing Simulation

Expose your employees to simulated phishing attacks

Phishing and Smishing simulations on laptop and mobile devices

Choose a template from our vast template library or create a customized template of your own in order to target your employees based on their cyber awareness level

Real cyber attack scenarios

  • Credential Submission
  • Email Reply
  • Attachment Download
  • Launch/Download Program
  • SMS Campaigns
  • Training Modules
  • Quizzes
  • QR
  • Whatsapp campaigns
  • Micro Training
  • Emails
  • Automated Training Campaigns
  • Human Risk Factor Assessments

Scale with automation
Provide an automated cyber security training program with no additional intervention from your security team. Choose from our preset training programs or build your own, scale your awareness training with full control.
Global Training, Local experience

  • Multiple Languages
  • Subtitles
  • Custom templates based on geography

Build your own customized training experience

Home page with multiple cyber awareness training videos

Predefined training programs, syllabuses, created by leading cyber experts

Build your own training program from our vast training video, quiz, simulation, newsletter and game libraries!

Customize languages, regions and timezone based on your employees location

Training Cyber Awareness

Make your employees your first line of defense

Real cyber attack scenarios
Real cyber attack scenarios that are really awesome and cool
Scale with automation
Real cyber attack scenarios that are really awesome and cool
Global Training, Local experience
Real cyber attack scenarios that are really awesome and cool
Cyber professional offering advice
Leading cyber experts

Our content has been created by the world’s leading Cyber Security experts

Our content is designed to stay up to date with the latest cyber security trends

Our content is easy to understand no matter what your technical background is

Fast Response, Minimum Damage

Empower your security team against phishing

Cyber awareness plugin on Microsoft Outlook

Native plugins for fast reporting

Easy to use report button plugin for both Microsoft and Gsuite, employees can report a suspicious email from any place at any time even from their mobile devices

Full Insights

Know your risk exposure

Customize your company’s data to fit your own needs, and get a better understanding of your weakest points in your defense line

Dynamic Score
It is important to understand the current awareness level of each employee in your company, as the next attack is one click away
Interactive Dashboard
Get a real time update of your company’s awareness training performance and learning progress
Custom Inquires
Shape your company’s data to fit your own needs, get a better understanding your weak points in your defense line
Laptop screen overlayed with various cyber awareness training videos
Gain access to our vast video library

Choose from a wide array of cyber awareness videos

Diverse topics and categories

New content added monthly